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Membership Agreement

The Jenasis Cooperative Incorporated LTD family of companies are a partnership of like-minded enterprises, producing all agricultural commodities, including medicinal herbs and phytocannabinoid based nutraceuticals. Jenasis was founded with a firm foundation in conscious business, and is comprised of producers, manufacturers, distributors, and agents who work together to achieve greater success for all members. Members of Jenasis Cooperative Incorporated LTD are an association of business owners and professionals that have united voluntarily. They are unified to meet our common economic, social and cultural needs, as well as aspirations, through joint owned and democratically controlled enterprises. We do not require that you belong to any particular affiliation or possess any previous memberships to join our organization. Our one requirement is that you support our organization and partners through regular participation in activities. Jenasis Cooperative Incorporated LTD brings together providers of social assistance, through member partners, that are dedicated to serving our community by providing valuable products and services. Our organization through the cooperative working model, provides support for existing companies, and cultivates the creation of new businesses within the Agriculture, Health and Wellness sectors. Members will become part of a multifaceted enterprise, whose employees, affiliates and clients all provide a mutually supportive environment for one another.

Our Mission


Jenasis Cooperative Incorporated LTD is a Business and Employment Cooperative. As a subset of worker cooperatives, we represent a new approach to providing support in creating sustainable business enterprise. Our Mission is to be the leader in the service provision industry and to foster the development of new business. Our goal is to add value to the entire supply chain within the agricultural sector, from seed to sale, by providing strategic guidance and management services. This includes participation in the cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of botanical based health and wellness products. Our efforts to standardize the process in producing botanical based products, using cutting edge technology, will ensure that our business member enterprises are empowered to remain solvent in a very volatile industry.

Jenasis Cooperative Incorporated LTD Scope of Services


As a full-service business, employment, and consulting firm; our scope of services are not merely confined to the service provision, agriculture, health and wellness industries. Our organization's leaders and members play a significant role in shaping legislation and regulations regarding medical cannabis and hemp globally. Jenasis is a proud member of the ASTM D37 Committee on global cannabis standards. Additionally, Jenasis Cooperative will engage in various business-consulting services including but not limited to, public relation campaigns, branding and corporate structure/restructure, risk management services for corporate merger and acquisition activity.



Jenasis Cooperative Incorporated LTD is governed based on the cooperative values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy and equality, solidarity and the seven cooperative principals: 1. Voluntary and open membership 2. Democratic member control 3. Member economic participation 4. Autonomy and independence 5. Education, training and information 6. Cooperation among cooperatives 7. Concern for community.



Often times our clients have everything they need to succeed, they just require the resources and support to make a strategic jump into a new industry or geographic territory. Jenasis brings the pieces of the puzzle together to achieve success. Our depth of knowledge, trusted relationships, and unparalleled experience helps us to develop effective and sustainable solutions. These benefits are available for our Business and Executive level members, with memberships starting at $5000 USD annual commitment. Executive Members are eligible for a seat on the Board of Directors and have full voting rights which include, but are not limited to, voting on the use of unallocated funds and the strategic direction of the cooperative operations. Jenasis Cooperative Incorporated LTD can play a key role in fulfilling your goals for an array of vital processes. From distribution and logistics, ordering and managing inventory, commodity marketing, to controlling inbound and outbound shipments within our global distribution network, we cover every aspect of the business. Our coordination and support will save time, reduce costs, and allow you to meet company objectives. Additionally, through our strategic partnerships, we will provide complete supply chain management of all agricultural commodities, including but not limited to medicinal cannabis. This scope would encompass cultivation efforts, manufacturing, distribution (including export), and new product research & development. Consultative services are available based on an hourly-fee basis or by an agreed upon project retainer fee. Complete administration services, including but not limited to finance and government relations, are provided in exchange for a 5% transaction fee. The cooperative will retain 10% per transaction to be deposited into the members unallocated income account. This serves as an equity share in the cooperative, of which annual dividend disbursements are calculated. The Cooperative as standard operation procedure, will dedicate unallocated income funds towards future expansion, as decided by vote of the Executive Membership Board of Directors. The remaining balance from each transaction will be disbursed as allocated income to the member.

Current Members


The Jenasis Cooperative Family of Companies is supported by our patron, wholesale, producing, contributing and executive members. The membership base is comprised of both individual participants as well as enterprise members. The following list represents an example of the diverse group of companies, that work together and help fulfill the joint mission of Jenasis Cooperative Incorporated LTD and our family of companies:

Zimbabwe Hemp Trust

CannamarkUSA (USA)

Cannabis South (USA/ZM)

Hikurangi Cannabis Company (New Zealand)

A.R. Marketing House (USA)

Pocket World Media (Jamaica)

NGO Caribbean Collective for Justice (Trinidad/Tobago)

Organic Coco Inc (USA)

Hampstead Farmer Cooperative (Jamaica)

General Discovery Canada (Canada/Jamaica)

Sue Tru Manufacturing and Distribution (Jamaica)

CanCo Limited (Jamaica)

Budding Tech (Australia)

Fair Cann Global Fair-Trade Cannabis Cooperative

Swiss Safe Access for Cannabinoids (Switzerland)

Scarce Commodity (Jamaica)

Botanicann (South Africa)

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